Ground Control will continue to provide our high level of service during these difficult times! We will be implementing a few new operating procedures to help keep our customers and ourselves safe.
 Lee and Jarod will be arriving in separate vehicles even if they are working on the same property.

They will be wearing gloves as appropriate - not when taking water samples from your pool though!

They will wipe down and sanitize surfaces that they touch without gloves.

 As you know if they maintain your lawn their faces are frequently covered, that being said, don't panic if you hear them sneeze outside, cutting your grass throws up a lot of dust and pollen and of course they are working out in the sun which is the best antiviral going.

If there is anything else that we can do to help you please don't hesitate to

let us know.

Stay safe!
Lee and Gina

Ground Control of Clermont Services

Ground Control of Clermont is a lawn and pool care company that provides attentive customer care for residential homes and small businesses located in the Clermont and Mineola area. Ground Control offers customers a variety of services to make their pool and yard as attractive and enjoyable as possible.

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We are Always so grateful for our wonderful customers 


About Us

Our mission is to enable the customers of Ground Control to relax and to appreciate their yard and pool by providing an exemplary service. Ground Control works to provide a reliable, friendly service which builds customer relationships and trust. We strive to attract and maintain customers by providing assistance in the most timely manner resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.


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We work in the Clermont/ Minneola area.

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Family Business, licensed and insured. Proud member of the Chamber of Commerce and South Lake Business Leaders

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